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Adoption Toolkit – Part 1

The Code Adoption Toolkit is intended to encourage and support those interested in energy code adoption. Whether you are just starting out, creating your plan to actively participate, or seeking more information to become an expert, the Toolkit can help.

ICF Insulation Industry Opportunity Study

ICF was commissioned to assess the state- and national-level energy and emissions impacts and economic benefits that could accrue over from the installation of code-compliant insulation in the residential, commercial, and industrial building sectors.

ICF Insulation Industry Opportunity Study: Executive Summary

Insulation is a cost-effective, easy-to-install product that can deliver energy savings for the life of the building. With building operations accounting for 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, installing air sealing and insulation is the first, best step toward decarbonizing the U.S. building sector.

News and Opinions
Blog: Proposed Model Building Code Could Slash Energy Use in New Commercial Buildings (ACEEE, Sept 2022)

The proposed 2024 IECC Commercial model code is estimated to be 8 to 12% more efficient than the 2021 version.

News and Opinions
Blog: Advance Climate Action by Getting Involved Now in the Commercial 2024 IECC Update (NBI, Sept 2022)

With just three code development cycles to reach 2030, the provisions adopted into the 2024 IECC are more critical than ever.

News and Opinions
Blog: How the Federal Government Can Reduce Home Energy Costs (Aug 2022)

The White House and the federal agencies can lower residential energy costs by adopting the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code.

Fact Sheets
Infographic: How Energy Codes Affect You – Spanish Version

Un espacio construido con un código de energía más eficiente aumenta la comodidad y resulta en facturas de energía más bajas para su hogar y negocio.

Fact Sheets
Infographic: How Energy Codes Affect You

A space built to more efficient energy code increases comfort and results in lower energy bills for your home and business.

News and Opinions
Blog: Are Energy Codes Exacerbating the Housing Affordability Crisis? (June 2022)

Cherylyn Kelley at the Institute for Market Transformation explains misconceptions around the costs of more efficient building codes.

Slides: ICF Cost-Effectiveness of the Residential Provisions of the 2021 IECC

Slides from the webinar on the cost-effectiveness of energy-efficient code.

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