State and Local Energy Code Adoption

EECC is dedicated to promoting the adoption of the latest version of the IECC for Residential and Commercial buildings, which is currently the 2021 IECC, without weakening amendments. A variety of resources, developed both by EECC and other efficiency advocates, are available to support adoption at the local level.

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Adoption Toolkit

The Code Adoption Toolkit is intended to encourage and support those interested in energy code adoption at any point in the process, whether you are just starting out, creating your plan in order to actively participate, or seeking more information to become an expert. The Toolkit contains a wide variety of resources including white papers, useful templates, and interactive tools.

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Codes Calculator

The Energy Codes-Carbon Calculator is a tool for cities and states to estimate the energy and carbon savings associated with adopting a more efficient version of the energy code. The calculator takes into account projected building growth and code compliance rates to help create a more accurate savings picture.

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State adoption of the IECC/90.1 by version year


Adoption Resources

ICF 2021 IECC Cost-Effective Analysis, Rev 6/22

A report that mirrors and fact checks the 2021 IECC Residential Cost-Effectiveness Analysis publishes by HIRL and commissioned by NAHB.

Comparison of 2021 IECC Residential Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (Summary), Rev 6/22

A comparison of 2021 IECC Residential Cost-Effectiveness Analyses performed by ICF and HIRL.

News and Opinions
Blog: How the Federal Government Can Reduce Home Energy Costs (Aug 2022)

The White House and the federal agencies can lower residential energy costs by adopting the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code.

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